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©Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (2009) 08, 1 - 4
Combat Sports Special Issue 3, Review article
World Title Boxing: From Early Beginnings to the First Bell
Robert J. Schinke1,, Marc Ramsay2

1 Laurentian University, Canada
2 Groupe Yvon Michel, Montreal, Canada

Robert J. Schinke
‚úČ B-241 Ben Avery Physical Education Center, School of Human Kinetics, 935 Ramsey Lake Rd., Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, P3E 2C6

15-03-2008 -- Accepted: 30-07-2009 --
Published (online): 01-11-2009


There is scant literature where applied sport scientists have considered first hand experiences preparing professional boxers for world title bouts. The present submission reflects more than 10 years of applied experience working with professional boxers, residing in Canada. What follows is a composite of sequential steps that ownership and coaching staff of one Canadian management group have tried leading up to more than 20 world title bout experiences. The strategies proposed have been built progressively over time, and what follows is a general overview of a more detailed pre-bout structure from shortly in advance of a world title bout offer to the moment when the athlete enters the ring to perform. We propose that an effective structure is founded upon detailed a priori preparation, tactical decisions throughout bout preparation, and a thorough understanding by the athlete of what he will encounter during the title bout.

Key words: Boxing, competition, performance, psychology
Key Points
World championship boxing.
Competition preparation.
Professional sport.
Athlete performance.


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