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2014 - Volume 13, Issue 2 - Research article
417 - 422
Comparative Kinematic Analysis of the Snatch Lifts in Elite Male Adolescent Weightlifters
Erbil Harbili, Ahmet Alptekin

2012 - Volume 11, Issue 1 - Research article
162 - 169
A Gender-Based Kinematic and Kinetic Analysis of the Snatch Lift In Elite Weightlifters in 69-Kg Category
Erbil Harbili

2011 - Volume 10, Issue 4 - Research article
607 - 615
The Influence of Musical Cadence into Aquatic Jumping Jacks Kinematics
Mário J. Costa, Cristiana Oliveira, Genoveva Teixeira, Daniel A Marinho, António J. Silva, Tiago M Barbosa

2006 - Volume 05, Issue 4 - Research article
575 - 581
Low Compression Tennis Balls and Skill Development
John Hammond, Christina Smith

2006 - Volume 05, Issue 3 - Research article, Young investigator
466 - 472
Effect of Orthotics and Footwear on Static Rearfoot Kinematics
Molly Winkelmeyer, Brita Nelson, Therese Southworth, Kevin Carlson

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Anthony S. Leicht, Miguel A. Gómez, Carl T. Woods

Johannes Fleckenstein, Jan Wilke, Lutz Vogt, Winfried Banzer

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