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2017 - Volume 16, Issue 4 - Research article
480 - 488
Effects of Hypoxic Training versus Normoxic Training on Exercise Performance in Competitive Swimmers
Hun-Young Park, Kiwon Lim

2017 - Volume 16, Issue 4 - Research article
498 - 504
Influence of Competitive-Anxiety on Heart Rate Variability in Swimmers
Leonardo S. Fortes, Bruna D. V. da Costa, Pedro P. Paes, José R.A. do Nascimento Júnior, Lenamar Fiorese, Maria E.C. Ferreira

2017 - Volume 16, Issue 4 - Research article
521 - 526
The Effect of Respiratory Muscle Training on Fin-Swimmers’ Performance
Jana Vašíčková, Kateřina Neumannová, Zbyněk Svozil

2017 - Volume 16, Issue 4 - Research article
574 - 580
Front Crawl Swimming Performance and Bi-Lateral Force Asymmetry during Land-Based and Tethered Swimming Tests
Karini B. dos Santos, Paulo C. Barauce Bento, Gleber Pereira, Carl Payton, André L.F. Rodacki

2016 - Volume 15, Issue 1 - Research article
158 - 166
Reliability of Three-Dimensional Angular Kinematics and Kinetics of Swimming Derived from Digitized Video
Ross H. Sanders, Tomohiro Gonjo, Carla B. McCabe

2015 - Volume 14, Issue 1 - Research article
110 - 117
Shaping Physiological Indices, Swimming Technique, and Their Influence on 200m Breaststroke Race in Young Swimmers
Marek Strzala, Arkadiusz Stanula, Grzegorz Głab, Jacek Glodzik, Andrzej Ostrowski, Marcin Kaca, Leszek Nosiadek

2015 - Volume 14, Issue 1 - Research article
215 - 224
Reliability of the Elliptical Zone Method of Estimating Body Segment Parameters of Swimmers
Ross H. Sanders, Chuang-Yuan Chiu, Tomohiro Gonjo, Jacki Thow, Nuno Oliveira, Stelios G. Psycharakis, Carl J. Payton, Carla B. McCabe

2015 - Volume 14, Issue 2 - Research article
256 - 262
Predicting Vertical Jump Height from Bar Velocity
Amador García-Ramos, Igor Štirn, Paulino Padial, Javier Argüelles-Cienfuegos, Blanca De la Fuente, Vojko Strojnik, Belén Feriche

2015 - Volume 14, Issue 2 - Research article
263 - 268
Hydration and Thermoregulation During a Half-Ironman Performed in Tropical Climate
Michelle Baillot, Olivier Hue

2015 - Volume 14, Issue 2 - Research article
304 - 314
An Approach to Identifying the Effect of Technique Asymmetries on Body Alignment in Swimming Exemplified by a Case Study of a Breaststroke Swimmer
Ross H. Sanders, Malcolm M. Fairweather, Alison Alcock, Carla B. McCabe

2015 - Volume 14, Issue 3 - Research article
591 - 601
Neuromuscular Activity of Upper and Lower Limbs during two Backstroke Swimming Start Variants
Karla De Jesus, Kelly De Jesus, Alexandre I. A. Medeiros, Pedro Gonçalves, Pedro Figueiredo, Ricardo J. Fernandes, João Paulo Vilas-Boas

2014 - Volume 13, Issue 2 - Review article
223 - 231
Biomechanical Analysis of the Swim-Start: A Review
Julien Vantorre, Didier Chollet, Ludovic Seifert

2014 - Volume 13, Issue 1 - Research article
200 - 210
Neuromuscular Fatigue During 200 M Breaststroke
Ana Conceição, António J. Silva, Tiago Barbosa, István Karsai, Hugo Louro

2014 - Volume 13, Issue 3 - Research article
550 - 556
Relationship Between Sprint Performance of Front Crawl Swimming and Muscle Fascicle Length in Young Swimmers
Alireza Nasirzade, Alireza Ehsanbakhsh, Saeed Ilbeygi, Azadeh Sobhkhiz, Hamed Argavani, Mehdi Aliakbari

2014 - Volume 13, Issue 3 - Research article
610 - 615
Kinematical Analysis along Maximal Lactate Steady State Swimming Intensity
Pedro Figueiredo, Rafael Nazario, Marisa Sousa, Jailton Gregório Pelarigo, João Paulo Vilas-Boas, Ricardo Fernandes

2014 - Volume 13, Issue 3 - Research article
708 - 714
Sex-Based Effects on Immune Changes Induced by a Maximal Incremental Exercise Test in Well-Trained Swimmers
José P. Morgado, Cristina P. Monteiro, Catarina N. Matias, Francisco Alves, Pedro Pessoa, Joana Reis, Fátima Martins, Teresa Seixas, Maria J. Laires

2014 - Volume 13, Issue 4 - Research article
958 - 963
Effects of In-Water Passive Recovery on Sprint Swimming Performance and Heart Rate in Adolescent Swimmers
Rafael A. Casuso, Emilio Martínez-López, Fidel Hita-Contreras, Irene Ruiz-Cazalilla, David Cruz-Díaz, Antonio Martínez-Amat

2014 - Volume 13, Issue 3 - Case report
632 - 637
Biochemical and Hematological Changes Following the 120-Km Open-Water Marathon Swim
Wojciech Drygas, Ewa Rębowska, Ewa Stępień, Jacek Golański, Magdalena Kwaśniewska

2013 - Volume 12, Issue 1 - Research article
52 - 59
Exercise Training Improves Cardiovascular Autonomic Activity and Attenuates Renal Damage in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats
Octávio Barbosa Neto, Débora T.R.S. Abate, Moacir Marocolo Júnior, Gustavo R. Mota, Fábio L. Orsatti, Renata C. Rossi e Silva, Marlene A. Reis, Valdo J. Dias da Silva

2013 - Volume 12, Issue 1 - Research article
171 - 181
Analysis of Relationships between the Level of Errors in Leg and Monofin Movement and Stroke Parameters in Monofin Swimming
Marek Rejman

2013 - Volume 12, Issue 4 - Research article
623 - 629
Backstroke Technical Characterization of 11-13 Year-Old Swimmers
Ana Filipa Silva, Pedro Figueiredo, Ludovic Seifert, Susana Soares, João Paulo Vilas-Boas, Ricardo J. Fernandes

2013 - Volume 12, Issue 4 - Research article
630 - 638
Effect of Additional Respiratory Muscle Endurance Training in Young Well-Trained Swimmers
Frédéric Lemaitre, Jérémy B. Coquart, Florence Chavallard, Ingrid CASTRES, Patrick MUCCI, Guillaume Costalat, Didier Chollet

2013 - Volume 12, Issue 4 - Research article
639 - 645
Relations Between Lower Body Isometric Muscle Force Characteristics and Start Performance in Elite Male Sprint Swimmers
Igor Beretić, Marko Đurović, Tomislav Okičić, Milivoj DOPSAJ

2013 - Volume 12, Issue 4 - Research article
646 - 654
Sport-Specific Motor Fitness Tests in Water Polo: Reliability, Validity and Playing Position Differences
Ognjen Uljevic, Miodrag Spasic, Damir Sekulic

2013 - Volume 12, Issue 4 - Research article
668 - 678
Identifying Optimal Overload and Taper in Elite Swimmers over Time
Philippe Hellard, Marta Avalos, Christophe Hausswirth, David Pyne, Jean-Francois Toussaint, Iñigo Mujika

2013 - Volume 12, Issue 4 - Research article
690 - 697
Intra-Cyclic Phases of Arm-Leg Movement and Index of Coordination in Relation to Sprint Breaststroke Swimming in Young Swimmers
Marek Strzala, Piotr Krezalek, Grzegorz Glab, Marcin Kaca, Andrzej Ostrowski, Arkadiusz Stanula, Anna K. Tyka

2013 - Volume 12, Issue 4 - Research article
716 - 723
Examining Self-Training Procedures in Leisure Swimming
Francois J. Potdevin, Clement Normani, Patrick Pelayo

2013 - Volume 12, Issue 4 - Research article
730 - 737
Kinematical Comparison of the 200 m Backstroke Turns between National and Regional Level Swimmers
Santiago Veiga, Antonio Cala, Pablo González Frutos, Enrique Navarro

2013 - Volume 12, Issue 4 - Research article
738 - 743
Repeated Sprint Ability in Elite Water Polo Players and Swimmers and its Relationship to Aerobic and Anaerobic Performance
Yoav Meckel, David Bishop, Moran Rabinovich, Leonid Kaufman, Dan Nemet, Alon Eliakim

2013 - Volume 12, Issue 4 - Research article
753 - 760
Sports Nutrition and Doping Factors in Synchronized Swimming: Parallel Analysis among Athletes and Coaches
Gordana Furjan Mandic, Mia Peric, Lucijana Krzelj, Sladana Stankovic, Natasa Zenic

2012 - Volume 11, Issue 3 - Research article
526 - 532
Effects of Distance Specialization on the Backstroke Swimming Kinematics
Matteo Cortesi, Silvia Fantozzi, Giorgio Gatta

2012 - Volume 11, Issue 4 - Research article
682 - 689
Comparison of Temporal Parameters of Swimming Rescue Elements When Performed Using Dolphin and Flutter Kick with Fins - Didactical Approach
Marek Rejman, Wojciech Wiesner, Piotr Silakiewicz, Andrzej Klarowicz, J. Arturo Abraldes

2012 - Volume 11, Issue 2 - Case report
352 - 356
Painful os Acromiale: Conservative Management in a Young Swimmer Athlete
Antonio Frizziero, Maria G. Benedetti, Domenico Creta, Antonio Moio, Stefano Galletti, Nicola Maffulli

2011 - Volume 10, Issue 1 - Research article
93 - 96
The Effect of Regular Exercise on Development of Sarcoma Tumor and Oxidative Damage in Mice Liver
Maria Sasvari, Albert W. Taylor, Dezso Gaal, Zsolt Radak

2011 - Volume 10, Issue 3 - Research article
483 - 490
Exercise x BCAA Supplementation in Young Trained Rats: What are their Effects on Body Growth?
Patricia Lopes de Campos-Ferraz, Sandra Maria Lima Ribeiro, Silmara dos Santos Luz, Antonio Herbert Lancha Jr., Julio Tirapegui

2011 - Volume 10, Issue 3 - Research article
546 - 552
VO2 Off Transient Kinetics in Extreme Intensity Swimming
Ana Sousa, Pedro Figueiredo, Kari L. Keskinen, Ferran A. Rodríguez, Leandro Machado, João P. Vilas-Boas, Ricardo J. Fernandes

2010 - Volume 09, Issue 1 - Research article
36 - 50
Stability of Patterns of Behavior in the Butterfly Technique of the Elite Swimmers
Hugo Louro, António J. Silva, Teresa Anguera, Daniel A. Marinho, Conceição Oliveira, Ana Conceição, Jorge Campaniço

2010 - Volume 09, Issue 1 - Research article
71 - 78
Can 8-weeks of Training Affect Active Drag in Young Swimmers?
Daniel A. Marinho, Tiago M. Barbosa, Mário J. Costa, Catarina Figueiredo, Victor M. Reis, António J. Silva, Mário C. Marques

2010 - Volume 09, Issue 2 - Research article
214 - 223
Women and Men in Sport Performance: The Gender Gap has not Evolved since 1983
Valérie Thibault, Marion Guillaume, Geoffroy Berthelot, Nour El Helou, Karine Schaal, Laurent Quinquis, Hala Nassif, Muriel Tafflet, Sylvie Escolano, Olivier Hermine, Jean-François. Toussaint

2010 - Volume 09, Issue 2 - Research article
300 - 310
Does Combined Dry Land Strength and Aerobic Training Inhibit Performance of Young Competitive Swimmers?
Nuno Garrido, Daniel A. Marinho, Victor M. Reis, Roland van den Tillaar, Aldo M. Costa, António J. Silva, Mário C. Marques

2010 - Volume 09, Issue 3 - Research article
398 - 404
Physiological, Biomechanical and Anthropometrical Predictors of Sprint Swimming Performance in Adolescent Swimmers
Evelin Lätt, Jaak Jürimäe, Jarek Mäestu, Priit Purge, Raul Rämson, Kaja Haljaste, Kari L. Keskinen, Ferran A. Rodriguez, Toivo Jürimäe

2010 - Volume 09, Issue 3 - Research article
411 - 417
Tracking the Performance of World-Ranked Swimmers
Mário J. Costa, Daniel A. Marinho, Victor M. Reis, António J. Silva, Mário C. Marques, José A. Bragada, Tiago M. Barbosa

2010 - Volume 09, Issue 4 - Research article
612 - 619
Swimming Enhances Bone Mass Acquisition in Growing Female Rats
Joanne McVeigh, Steven Kingsley, David Gray, Lisa Carole Loram

2009 - Volume 08, Issue 1 - Research article
30 - 36
Effects of three feedback conditions on aerobic swim speeds
Pedro Pérez, Salvador Llana, Gabriel Brizuela, Alberto Encarnación

2009 - Volume 08, Issue 1 - Research article
45 - 50
Effects of sodium bicarbonate ingestion on swim performance in youth athletes
Adam Zajac, Jaroslaw Cholewa, Stanislaw Poprzecki, Zbigniew Waskiewicz, Jozef Langfort

2009 - Volume 08, Issue 3 - Research article
357 - 365
Combined Strength and Endurance Training in Competitive Swimmers
Stian Aspenes, Per-Ludvik Kjendlie, Jan Hoff, Jan Helgerud

2009 - Volume 08, Issue 4 - Research article
516 - 522
The effects of Creatine Long-Term Supplementation on Muscle Morphology and Swimming Performance in Rats
Ahmet Yildiz, Ercan Ozdemir, Sefa Gulturk, Sena Erdal

2009 - Volume 08, Issue 4 - Research article
672 - 681
Effects of High-Dose Creatine Supplementation on Kidney and Liver Responses In Sedentary and Exercised Rats
Renato A. Souza, Humberto Miranda, Murilo Xavier, Rodrigo A. Lazo-Osorio, Hélio A. Gouvea, José C. Cogo, Rodolfo P. Vieira, Wellington Ribeiro

2008 - Volume 07, Issue 1 - Research article
60 - 66
Analysis of Drafting Effects in Swimming Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
António José Silva, Abel Rouboa, António Moreira, Victor Machado Reis, Francisco Alves, João Paulo Vilas-Boas, Daniel Almeida Marinho

2008 - Volume 07, Issue 1 - Research article
67 - 77
Searching for Criteria in Evaluating the Monofin Swimming Turn from the Perspective of Coaching and Improving Technique
Marek Rejman, Grażyna Borowska

2008 - Volume 07, Issue 1 - Research article
106 - 113
Can Blood Gas and Acid-Base Parameters at Maximal 200 Meters Front Crawl Swimming be Different Between Former Competitive and Recreational Swimmers?
Jernej Kapus, Anton Usaj, Boro Strumbelj, Venceslav Kapus

2008 - Volume 07, Issue 1 - Research article
151 - 156
Echocardiographic Parameters in Athletes of Different Sports
Tomas Venckunas, Arimantas Lionikas, Jolanta E. Marcinkeviciene, Rasa Raugaliene, Aleksandras Alekrinskis, Arvydas Stasiulis

2008 - Volume 07, Issue 2 - Research article
195 - 200
Coordination Between Ribs Motion and Thoracoabdominal Volumes in Swimmers During Respiratory Maneuvers
Karine J. Sarro, Amanda P. Silvatti, Ricardo M. L. Barros

2007 - Volume 06, Issue 1 - Research article
117 - 125
The Use of Neural Network Technology to Model Swimming Performance
António José Silva, Aldo Manuel Costa, Paulo Moura Oliveira, Victor Machado Reis, José Saavedra, Jurgen Perl, Abel Rouboa, Daniel Almeida Marinho

2007 - Volume 06, Issue 2 - Research article
193 - 203
Functional Model of Monofin Swimming Technique Based on the Construction of Neural Networks
Marek Rejman, Bartosz Ochmann

2006 - Volume 05, Issue 1 - Review article
10 - 24
Creatine Supplementation and Swim Performance: A Brief Review
Melissa J. Hopwood, Kenneth Graham, Kieron B. Rooney

2006 - Volume 05, Issue 1 - Research article
80 - 88
Regular Rehearsal Helps in Consolidation of Long Term Memory
Milind Parle, Nirmal Singh, Mani Vasudevan

2006 - Volume 05, Issue 2 - Research article
340 - 348
Assessment of Short-Distance Breaststroke Swimming Performance with Critical Velocity
Daijiro Abe, Hiroaki Tokumaru, Shigemitsu Niihata, Satoshi Muraki, Yoshiyuki Fukuoka, Sachio Usui, Takayoshi Yoshida

2006 - Volume 05, Issue 4 - Research article
541 - 547
Prediction Versus Reality: The Use of Mathematical Models to Predict Elite Performance in Swimming and Athletics at the Olympic Games
Timothy Heazlewood

2005 - Volume 04, Issue 1 - Research article
37 - 46
Swim Everyday to Keep Dementia Away
Milind Parle, Mani Vasudevan, Nirmal Singh

2005 - Volume 04, Issue 2 - Research article
160 - 169
Muscle Fiber Specific Antioxidative System Adaptation to Swim Training in Rats: Influence of Intermittent Hypoxia
Olga Gonchar

2005 - Volume 04, Issue 4 - Research article
406 - 414
Body Water Indices as Markers of Aging in Male Masters Swimmers
Georgianna Tuuri, Michael J. Keenan, Kenneth M. West, James P. Delany, J. Mark Loftin

2004 - Volume 03, Issue 2 - Research article
91 - 95
A Kinematic Study of Finswimming at Surface
Jimmy Gautier, Laurent Baly, Pier-Giorgio Zanone, Bruno Watier

2003 - Volume 02, Issue 4 - Review article
123 - 132
Creatine Supplementation and Exercise Performance: A Brief Review
Stephen P. Bird

2002 - Volume 01, Issue 3 - Research article
87 - 95
Creatine Supplementation Induces Alteration in Cross-Sectional Area in Skeletal Muscle Fibers of Rats Under Swimming Training
Irlena M. W. Moura, Fernando Farias Dos Santos, José A. A. Moura, Rui Curi, Luiz C. Fernandes

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