Independently physical exercise period (weeks 21 to 40).

W21 W22 W23 W24 W25 W26 W27 W28 W29 W30 W31 W32 W33 W34 W35 W36 W37 W38 W39 W40
Google questionnaire (Q) Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q
Reminder sessions (RS) RS RS RS
Model Sessions (MS) MS MS
Personalized e-mails (PM) PM PM
Week (W) 20 → Participants received an exercise booklet and guidelines to carry out a self-administered physical exercise program. The participants received instructions to train three to six days a week between 15 to 90 minutes. Once a week the participants carry out a high intensity session (superday; 17-18 Borg’s scale). The exercise booklet included: strength exercise, mobility and stretching exercise, balance exercise and instructions for aerobic training.
Reminder sessions (RS) → Structured sessions such as those that should be carried out at home (superday).
Google Questionnaires (Q) → They were used to control the training. Depending on the answers, they received different motivational messages and reminders of activities to be included in the sessions.
Model Sessions (MS) → It was found that the strength and high intensity training were the least present between the sessions that the participants carried out at home. Thus, model sessions were created to maintain the participants’ interest on the exercise program and to maintain the strength and superday intensities.
Personalized e-mail → Each participant received a personalized e-mail where he/she was motivated to keep training and adjust the workloads intensities. These e-mails also reminded the importance of strength, balance, stretching, mobility and aerobic training. Also, it was highlighted the importance of intensity for further improvements.