Table 1. The static stretching protocol
Exercise Performance description
Crossleg The participant sitting on the floor with one leg bent across the other leg (which is in straight position). The participant is turning body towards the bent knee side with anchoring elbow round the bent knee and pulling the knee further over the opposite side (both legs, alternately 2x15s).
Butterfly stretch While seated on the ground the participant bends both legs putting both feet together. The knees are then lowered sideway as far as possible with the help of the elbows (2x15s).
Sit and reach The participant sits on the ground with both legs straight out in front, and bends forward while keeping the back straight (2x15s).
Kneeling hip flexor stretch Kneel on knees with upper body lifted. Plant one foot on the floor until 90ยบ angle is reached between the front and back legs. Shift the weight forward while keeping the upper body lifted (both legs, alternately 2x15s).
Kneeling quadriceps stretch Similar position like previous exercise, but back foot is pulled with the same hand towards the buttock (both legs, alternately 2x15s).
Calf stretch The participant stands straight on both feet at a distance of 2- steps distance from a wall. One leg is stretched in its place while taking a step forward with the other leg, using both hands on the wall for balance. Care must be taken not to lift the heels of the stretched foot off the ground (both legs, alternately 2x15s).