Table 2. The dynamic stretching protocol.
Exercise Performance description
High knee and foot walk While walking each knee is pulled towards the chest with the help of both hands for one court length. While walking back, each foot is pulled towards the chest on the same way (2 court lengths).
Carioca The subject runs sideways while crossing both feet in front of each other. This is repeated in both direction (2 court lengths).
Butt kicks While running, the heels are raised to touch the buttocks, with arms swinging in rhythm (1.5 court lengths, half court walking).
High skip While running, with every skip as each knee goes up, the opposite hand goes up, and the elbows remain bent, swinging in rhythm with the legs (1.5 court lengths, half court walking).
Spiderman Assume push-up position. Drive left knee up to left armpit, then place left foot flat on ground outside left hand. Maintaining position and keeping right leg straight, activate right glute and push both hips forward until right knee almost ouches ground. Hold stretch at point of tension for three counts than make a step and repeat with opposite leg (1.5 court lengths, half court walking).
Lateral slide with floor touch Doing deep squats while lateral sliding every second step (1.5 court lengths, half court walking).
Low skip (half court) + long jumps (half court) After a skips for half court, continue with high jumps with power skips for another half court (3 court lengths).
Dynamic calf stretches Same position as in “Calf stretch”. Alternately stretch both legs, every 2s change the leg (2x30s, 15s pause)