Table 1. Categories and legend.
Category Legends
Author(s) / Country Identifies the authors, the year and the country where the study took place
Purpose Describes the purpose of the study
P - Participants St – Students
T – Teachers
A – Athletes
C – Coaches
Pa – Parents
SP - School Population E – Elementary School
M – Middle School
H – High School
CL - Classes Sx – Single Sex Classes
Mx – Mixed Sex Classes
D/R - Skills of the participants Whether disabled or at-risk students are included in the study:
Y – Yes
N – No
S – Sport Whether the investigated SE season were with:
TS – Team Sports
IS – Individual Sports
MA – Multiactivities
Study Design
QL – Qualitative
QT – Quantitative
MIX – Both qualitative and quantitative
E – Experimental
QE – Quasi-experimental
NE – Non-experimental
LS – Length of the SE Season Number of lessons
F - Fidelity of the SE model Whether is performed in the study:
Y – Yes
N – No
Variables Personal and social variables that were analyzed across the study
Main Results Main results of the study provided by the author/s
Q – Study Quality Methodological quality of the study