Table 4. Measures of mental health-related quality of life.
Scale Name and Acronym Factor assessed Length Reliability: internal consistency (Cronbach Alpha) Other useful information
Short Form 36 Questionnaire Mental Health Component (SF-36 MCS) (Ware Jr and Sherbourne, 1992) Mental Health (MH)
component: psychological

36 items
0.90 Extensively utilized throughout the
general medical literature
Available free of charge at
ACL deficiency Quality of Life scale (ACL-QoL) (Mohtadi, 1998) Subscores for 5 domains: symptoms/physical complaints, work-related concerns, sport/recreational concerns, lifestyle issues, and
social/emotional concerns
31 items 0.93 total score, subscale
consistency not
Includes visual analogue scales, which respondents use to respond to questions. Reliability analysis from Lafave et al. (2017) for the ACL-QoL in a test-retest sample shows a moderate reliability, with a measured intraclass correlation coefficient (2,k) of 0.60.