Table 1. Search terms and strategy.
Search terms
Population terms Coach Official Referee Umpire
Concussion terms Keywords Concussion Traumatic brain injury TBI mTBI
Mild brain injury Head injury Craniocerebral trauma
MeSH terms Brain concussion Brain injuries, Traumatic
Search strategy (search example on Medline Ovid)
Search 1 (Population terms) coach* OR official? OR referee? OR umpire?
Search 2 (Concussion keywords) concussion OR traumatic brain injur* OR TBI OR mTBI OR mild brain injur* OR craniocerebral trauma OR head injur*
Search 3 (Concussion MeSH terms) Brain Concussion/ OR Brain Injuries, Traumatic/
Search 4 (All concussion terms) Search 2 OR Search 3
Search 5 (Population + Concussion terms) Search 1 AND Search 4