Table 1. Physical Fitness and Rejuvenation Program’s contents in 2017
Session Contents
1 Opening ceremony. Orientation
Enjoyable exercise for health promotion
2 Measurement of cognitive and physical functions (before the program)
3 Lecture: aging and health
Exercise: muscle strength training and stretching
4 Lecture: metabolic syndrome and its prevention
Exercise: new sports
5 Aquatic exercise (only exercise)
6 Tennis (only exercise)
7 Lecture: Well-balanced diet
Exercise: slow jogging
8 Lecture: Brain crisis associated with aging
Exercise: Training at training room
9 Lecture: Muscle morphological changes associated with aging
Exercise: Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillator
10 Lecture: Exercise and glucose metabolism in muscles
Exercise: exercises in a rhythmic pace
11 Measurement of cognitive and physical functions (after the program)
12 Lecture: Bone changes associated with aging
Results of the physical and cognitive function measurement. Closing ceremony
Note: this table shows the contents of the program as an example.