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Most Cited Articles
Research article
Physical Demands of Different Positions in FA Premier League Soccer
Jonathan Bloomfield, Remco Polman, Peter O'Donoghue
2007, 06(1), 63-70

Research article
Analysis of the Distances Covered by First Division Brazilian Soccer Players Obtained with an Automatic Tracking Method
Ricardo M.L. Barros, Milton S. Misuta, Rafael P. Menezes, Pascual J. Figueroa, Felipe A. Moura, Sergio A. Cunha, Ricardo Anido, Neucimar J. Leite
2007, 06(2), 233-242

Research article
The Effects of Kinesio™ Taping on Proprioception at the Ankle
Travis Halseth, John W. McChesney, Mark DeBeliso, Ross Vaughn, Jeff Lien
2004, 03(1), 1-7

Research article
Salivary Cortisol Responses and Perceived Exertion during High Intensity and Low Intensity Bouts of Resistance Exercise
Michael R. McGuigan, Alison D. Egan, Carl Foster
2004, 03(1), 8-15

Review article
Biomechanical Characteristics and Determinants of Instep Soccer Kick
Eleftherios Kellis, Athanasios Katis
2007, 06(2), 154-165

Research article
The Effects of a 6-Week Plyometric Training Program on Agility
Michael G. Miller, Jeremy J. Herniman, Mark D. Ricard, Christopher C. Cheatham, Timothy J. Michael
2006, 05(3), 459-465

Review article
The Measurement and Interpretation of Children’s Physical Activity
Ann V. Rowlands, Roger G. Eston
2007, 06(3), 270-276

Research article
Effects of a Short-Term Plyometric and Resistance Training Program on Fitness Performance in Boys Age 12 to 15 Years
Avery D. Faigenbaum, James E. McFarland, Fred B. Keiper, William Tevlin, Nicholas A. Ratamess, Jie Kang, Jay R. Hoffman
2007, 06(4), 519-525

Research article
Flexibility is not Related to Stretch-Induced Deficits in Force or Power
David G. Behm, Erin E. Bradbury, Allison T. Haynes, Joanne N. Hodder, Allison M. Leonard, Natasha R. Paddock
2006, 05(1), 33-42

Research article
The Effects of Rest Interval on Quadriceps Torque During an Isokinetic Testing Protocol in Elderly
Martim Bottaro, André Faria Russo, Ricardo Jacó de Oliveira
2005, 04(3), 285-290

Research article
A Force-Velocity Relationship and Coordination Patterns in Overarm Throwing
Roland van den Tillaar, Gertjan Ettema
2004, 03(4), 211-219

Research article
Validity and Reliability of Physical Activity Measures in Greek High School Age Children
Eugenia C. Argiropoulou, Maria Michalopoulou, Nikolaos Aggeloussis, Andreas Avgerinos
2004, 03(3), 147-159

Review article
High Altitude and Free Radicals
Tibor Bakonyi, Zsolt Radak
2004, 03(2), 64-69

Research article
Effects of Small-Sided Games on Physical Conditioning and Performance in Young Soccer Players
Athanasios Katis, Eleftherios Kellis
2009, 08(3), 374-380

Research article
Compression Garments and Recovery from Eccentric Exercise: A P-MRS Study
Michael I. Trenell, Kieron B. Rooney, Carolyn M. Sue, Campbell H. Thomspon
2006, 05(1), 106-114

Review article
Protein - Which is Best?
Jay R. Hoffman, Michael J. Falvo
2004, 03(3), 118-130

Case report
Effects of an Extreme Endurance Race on Energy Balance and Body Composition - A Case Study
Stefan Bircher, Andreas Enggist, Thomas Jehle, Beat Knechtle
2006, 05(1), 154-162

Research article
Respiratory Gas Exchange Indices for Estimating the Anaerobic Threshold
Geir Solberg, Bjørn Robstad, Ole Henning Skjønsberg, Fredrik Borchsenius
2005, 04(1), 29-36

Research article
Lower Extremity Malalignments and Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury History
Jay Hertel, Jennifer H. Dorfman, Rebecca A. Braham
2004, 03(4), 220-225

Research article
Comparing the Effects of Various Whole-Body Vibration Accelerations on Counter-Movement Jump Performance
David M. Bazett-Jones, Holmes W. Finch, Eric L. Dugan
2008, 07(1), 144-150

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